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Each day, millions of men and women visit online to conduct business, do homework, select services and goods, control devices in their homes, and connect with relatives. Technology such as mobile phone handsets, the massive data are modifying our way of life at a fast speed, while exponentially enhancing the number of private info that is attained, used, and shared. Also, with information becoming more ubiquitous and valuable, the black market for stolen info also carries on to grow even more, raising the chances of cheating by cyber criminals. Investigators anticipate that more than 29,000 hospital patient documents were compromised in an apparent unintentional data breach of Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital. The records, which were downloaded to a USB flash, incorporate names, addresses, personal data, and medical records for patients treated in the past year. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on the question of the way to secure our data in USB drive. It should be noticed that data breaches are not all the same. Security breaches are often categorised into a number of additional sub-categories by what taken place and what information was exposed. What they have in common is these individuals usually contain private identifying information in a file format quite simply read by intruders, in other words, the personal data are not encrypted. idoo USB Encryption is a great selection, specifically if you often connect devices from different users to the pc or if many different people use the same pc. This USB encryption software provides high level of safeguard against thieves and unintended disclosure of private data, and helps prevent not authorized persons from stealing your USB data. This USB Encryption Program is best encryption software to safeguard offline computer without the need for signature updates. The method has built-in functions for encryption and password handling, and these traits can often guard documents, drawings, photos, video recordings or anything else. The security and safety functions in USB encryption software could prevent illegal access of data, when the USB drive is lost or stolen. All of sensitive files are stored secured on the USB memory card. Due to its pocket size, quick storage and portability, USB flash drive has been widely being used. Whenever you enjoy the convenience, it comes up with the perils of lost or stolen. How shall you shield related information from being divulged? How to make a security password protected USB drive? 1. Insert the USB disk into the computer. 2. Pick the USB drive, and set the size of the secure area. Click "Install" to enter the user name and password. 3. When the secure area is opened, directly drag the computer data into it, and the security will be automatically processed.