The Craft of Contouring.

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The ever-growing movement of contouring has turned out to be ever so popular in the past few years. With the surge of makeup bloggers that have taken to video blogs to teach people on the best makeup strategies, it is no real surprise that shaping has become one of the most indispensable makeup techniques to command. It is a simple way of using lighter and dark tones to enhance a face’s natural features, these tones can be produced by anything from low cost pharmacist eyeshadows to costly designer kits especially fashioned for contouring. It can be a subdued way to complete any makeup look adding definition when buffed and blended using specialised tools designed for contouring. The now popular beauty trend was first used during 1500-1600’s for stage actors to help the crowd understand their expressions, using chalk to express this.

The cosmetic artist Rebecca Frances is an award receiving beauty products artist. She has an enthusiasm for using contours to sculpt a woman’s organic attributes. She uses specialist products on her clients all depending if it is bridal makeup or fashion photography cosmetic foundations. She has been mentioned in magazines by experts as among the best bridal makeup artists in the sector in the UK and is repeatedly endorsed by her gigantic fan base.

A makeup artist well established in Britain by the name of Chloe McCall is a qualified bridal makeup artist. She has become established from constant exposure to some of the world’s most elite brands in need of makeup artists. The work experience she accumulated through the years has then led her to actually establish her own successful beauty business and build a well-established customer base. Eventually, after working many years at fashion shows she has ventured into the wedding industry where she says her true interest lies and she has worked with hundreds of brides all over the UK in need of a talented cosmetic artist for their big day. She regularly applies her contour application skills onto many of her clients who are trying to find a more sculpted face. She is a truly sought after makeup artist for those that are looking for someone that will help make their wedding day even more exceptional.

One makeup artist that jumps out from others is Andre Pienaar C5. Contouring is something that he specializes in frequently and he has mastered the art of contour application. He has taken the time to create contour detailed guides for newcomers that aim to create a style similar to the application seen on famous faces on a average basis. There are actually many different ways to contour, however the shape of your face plays a huge part in how the final contour look is achieved.